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Special Colloquium: Dr. Gabriel Perdue, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, University of Chicago

Date and Time: Monday, March 19, 2012 at 3:15 PM (CDT)
Location: RLM 11.204

Special Colloquium

Dr. Gabriel Perdue, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, University of Chicago

"Neutrinos at the Intensity Frontier"

3:15pm, RLM 11.204

Coffee and cookies will be served just before the colloquium in RLM 11.204.


Neutrinos are among the most puzzling and exciting constituents of matter. These ghostly, mysterious particles have offered some of our first glimpses beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. Neutrinos have been found to spontaneously change their type and the study of these "oscillations" is a critical part of the future United States high energy program. Some of the most important challenges in a precision oscillation experiment will be discussed, with emphasis on neutrino scattering cross sections.

April 21 11:00 RLM 11.204
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April 21 13:00 RLM 11.204
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April 21 14:00 RLM 9.222
Holographic studies of thermalization and dissipation in strongly coupled theories
April 22 12:30 RLM 11.204
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Negative compressibility and supercapacitors
April 25 13:00 RLM 11.204
Exploiting high precision single particle diffusion measurements to probe cellular functions in vitro and in vivo
April 25 16:00 RLM 7.104
Title TBA
April 30 16:15 RLM 4.102
Optics in China: From ancient to modern, classical to quantum
May 1 14:00 RLM 7.104
Aspects of Nonabelian (0,2) GLSM
May 1 15:30 RLM 7.104
Prospects and Challenges of Neutral Atom Quantum Simulation
May 2 16:00 RLM 7.104
Title TBA