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Physics Colloquium: Prof. Jill Marshall, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, UT-Austin

Date and Time: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at 4:15 PM (CDT)
Location: RLM 4.102

Physics Colloquium

Prof. Jill Marshall, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, UT-Austin

"Mastery of Physics: Understanding vs. Doing"

4:15pm, The John A. Wheeler Lecture Hall (RLM 4.102)

Coffee and cookies will be served at 4:00pm in RLM 4.102

Host: Prof. Marder


The physics curriculum for non-majors is being examined at a national level, with the goal of determining what physics is most important for those who will not go on to become physicists. The issue is particularly critical in the case of future high school science teachers. High school teachers in Texas are eligible, and often required, to teach physics with a Composite Science certification, despite the fact that this certification can be earned by taking only 8 hours of physics at the university level. We need to optimize what they learn in those 8 hours. This requires that we first decide what it is that they should learn. My talk will discuss learning goals for non-majors, focusing on future teachers. Do they need concepts? Skills? Something else? To inform the discussion, I will present results of two studies I have conducted of future math and science teachers from the UTeach program here at UT Austin, and their understanding of the physics they might be expected to teach.

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