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Physics Colloquium: Prof. Darrell Schlom, Cornell University

Date and Time: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at 4:00 PM (CST)
Location: RLM 4.102

Physics Colloquium

Prof. Darrell Schlom, Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Kavli Institute at Cornell for Nanoscale Science, Cornell University

"Enhancing Oxide Properties - The Approach of the Modern Alchemist"


4:00pm, The John A. Wheeler Lecture Hall (RLM 4.102)

Coffee and cookies will be served at 3:45pm in RLM 4.102

Host: Prof. Fiete


The diverse properties available in oxides have been established primarily through measurements on bulk samples. The synthesize of complex oxides in thin film form makes a different set of tricks available to enhance their properties including strain and the ability to customize structure at the atomic-layer level. Using epitaxy and the misfit strain imposed by an underlying substrate, it is possible to strain oxide thin films to percent levels—far beyond where they would crack or plastically deform in bulk. Under such strains, the properties of oxides can be dramatically altered. For example, materials that are not ferroelectric or ferromagnetic in their unstrained state can be transmuted into ferroelectrics, ferromagnets, or materials that are both at the same time. Ways in which such thin film tricks can be used to improve tunable microwave dielectrics and photocatalytic materials will be shown. In addition to describing some of the achievements of a thin film approach to enhancing oxides, some of the major materials challenges will also be mentioned.

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