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Articles from 2012

March (3 articles)

ESA launch carries UT-developed laser ranging satellite

On February 13th of this year, the European Space Agency (ESA) conducted the inaugural launch of the <a href="http://www.esa.int/SPECIALS/Vega/index.html">Vega</a> rocket. Principal among its payload was LARES, a laser-ranged gravitational studies satellite whose designs began in the 1980s here at the University. […]

Matzner Named Jefferson Science Fellow

It is a pleasure to announce that Professor Richard Matzner has been named a Jefferson Science Fellow for 2012–13. Jefferson Science Fellows are chosen from a large number of professors nationwide who are highly accomplished in the fields of science and engineering, and will contribute their expertise to the US Department of State and the US Agency for International Development for a one-year period. Only 12 Jefferson Science Fellowships were awarded this year. […]

Journal Honors Professor Morrison

The journal <i>Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulations</i> has recently published a special issue honoring Professor Philip Morrison on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Prof. Morrison’s research contributes to both mathematical physics and theoretical physics and is usually motivated by problems arising in plasma physics, geophysical fluid dynamics, or general fluid dynamics. The special issue consists of papers by former students and longtime collaborators, and the broad range of topics reflects the diversity of his interests. […]

April (4 articles)

Biophysicist Vernita Gordon awarded Human Frontier Science Program grant

In Vernita Gordon’s lab, physical approaches for experimental manipulation and analysis of multicellular systems will be combined with expertise from theoretical physics and different branches of microbiology to address fundamental questions about how spatial structure develops in systems of many bacteria, and how spatial structure allows inter-bacterial cooperation to persist even when some bacteria cheat. […]

Jim Chelikowsky Honored

It is a great pleasure to report that our colleague Jim Chelikowsky has been named a Fellow of the Materials Research Society. Warm congratulations to Jim! […]

Prof. Greg Sitz Appointed Blunk Memorial Professorship

It is a great pleasure to report that our colleague Greg Sitz has been appointed to the 2012–2013 William David Blunk Memorial Professorship. This is a major honor, reserved for faculty who “exhibit creative research, teaching or applied demonstration activities that contribute to changes of positive value to society.” […]

Swinney receives Lewis Fry Richardson Medal

It is a great pleasure to announce that, on April 24, Harry L. Swinney was awarded the Lewis Fry Richardson Medal of the European Geosciences Union. This major award was presented “for his pioneering experiments on deterministic chaos and highly original laboratory models of geophysical flows.” […]

May (4 articles)

Downer awarded 2012 Minnie S. Piper Teaching Fellowship

Mike Downer has won the 2012 Minnie S. Piper Teaching Fellowship. This is an extraordinary honor: it is a state-wide award that UT captures only once in a great while, so Mike’s accomplishment not only recognizes his superb teaching, but also brings honor to the Department, the College, and the University. […]

Graduate student receives William Powers, Jr. Fellowship

Congratulations to Physics graduate student Hosung Seo, who received the 2012 William Powers, Jr. Fellowship! […]

Center for Complex Quantum Systems Holds Conference

Photo (left to right): Allan MacDonald, John Martinis, Dan Ralph, David Snoke, Jim Eisenstein, Linda Reichl […]

Elizabeth B. Gleeson Professorship in Physics

It is a particular pleasure to announce a new, very special gift to the Department—a Professorship donated by our colleague Austin Gleeson. The Elizabeth B. Gleeson Professorship in Physics honors Austin’s beloved late wife, Betsy. It brings to the Department Chair’s office resources that will be used, in future years, to reward those faculty who make especially vital contributions to the Department’s administration. […]

September (1 article)

Department Researchers Receive $6.2 Million Grant

Drs. James Chelikowsky and Alex Demkov received a $6.2 million grant over a five-year period to develop computer software to design and discover materials for low-cost energy applications. Potential uses include economical battery materials to capture solar energy and materials that convert water to hydrogen using sunlight. […]

October (1 article)

Patent Becomes Contender for Humanitarian Award

The patent awarded to Research Professor Mahajan, Senior Research Scientist Mike Kotschenreuther, and Research Scientist Prashant Valanju is now a contender for the Humanitarian award given by <a href="http://challenge.gov/">Challenge.gov</a>. Their work involves the design of a fusion-fission hybrid reactor—a design allowing for energy production through a combination of fusion and fission and laying the foundations of a “green” and plentiful nuclear energy economy. You can read more about their design on <a href="http://patentsforhumanity.challenge.gov/submissions/10825-fusion-fission-hybrids-for-green-and-plentiful-energy">the USPTO Patents for Humanity site</a>. […]

December (1 article)

UT Senior Wins Marshall Scholarship

Physics student William Berdanier has been selected as a Marshall Scholar for 2013. William will graduate from UT this spring, and is one of 34 undergraduate students in the United States to be awarded the scholarship, which covers all expenses for at least two years at any university in the United Kingdom. […]