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Recent Awards in the Physics Department
Year Recipient Award
2002DeWitt-Morette Membre d’Honneur Societe Francaise de Physique
2002Raizen Max Planck Award
2002Raizen 29th Hanan Rosenthal Memorial Lecture
2003Swinney Honary Doctor of Science, Rhodes College
2003Downer Fellow, Optical Society of America
2003Fitzpatrick Fellow, APS
2003Hoffmann CNS Teaching Excellence Award
2003Raizen Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Supervisor Award, John and Fannie Hertz Foundation
2003Ritchie Fellow, APS
2003Weinberg Hononary Doctor of Science Degree, McGill Univ.
2004Gentle International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Award, PRC
2004Kopp CNS Teaching Excellence Award
2004Weinberg Honorary Doctor of Science Degree, Univ. of Waterloo
2004Weinberg Franklin Medal, APS
2005Ditmire Fellow, APS
2005Marder Fellow, APS
2005Marder Special Creativity Extension, National Science Foundation
2005Paban CNS Teaching Excellence Award
2006Chelikowsky David Adler Award, APS
2006Fischler CNS Teaching Excellence Award
2007Berk Fellow, American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science
2007DeWitt-Morette Medal for Distinguished Achieveent, American Society of the French Legion of Honor
2007MacDonald Buckley Prize in C.M. Physics, APS
2007Shih Fellow, APS
2007Sudarshan Majorana Medal for “Best Person in Physics,” European Journal of Theoretical Physics
2007Swinney Jurgen Moser Award of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
2007Van Dam DOE appointed him chief scientist for the US ITER Project
2007Van Dam Director of the US Burning Plasma Organization
2007Weinberg Named Honorary Citizen of Padua, Italy
2007Weinberg Messenger Lecturer, Cornell University
2007Weinberg Honorary Member, Royal Irish Academy
2008Chelikowsky Outstanding Referee, APS
2008Chelikowsky Fellow, American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science
2008Dicus CNS Teaching Excellence Award
2008Downer Dad‘s Association Centennial Teaching Fellowship (UT-Austin)
2008Gleeson Jean Holloway Award for Excellence in Teaching
2008Marder Elizabeth Shatto Massey Award for Excellence in Teacher Education
2008Marder APS Outstanding Referee
2008Raizen Willis E. Lamb Award, Laser Science and Quantum Optics
2008Shvets Fellow, APS
2008Swinney Doctor Philosophiae Honoris Causa, Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem
2008Weinberg Trotter Prize, Texas A&M
2008Weinberg Phi Beta Kappa Orator, Harvard University
2009Markert, J. University Co-Op Hamilton Book Prize
2009Markert, J. Fellow, APS
2009Weinberg James Joyce Award, Literary & Historical Society, Univ. College Dublin