Support Services and Events

These services and events are offered to help you find your place in physics.

Undergraduate Coordinator — Our Undergradate Coordinator is Lisa Gentry. She can be reached via email at Her office is RLM 5.216.

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Affairs — The Associate Chair for Undergraduate Affairs is Linda Reichl. She can be reached via email at Her office is RLM 7.222.

Undergraduate Advisors — The Department has several faculty advisors who are available for advice about course work, research options, careers, or anything about UT. They are: Roger Bengtson, Greg Fiete, Gerry Hoffmann, Sacha Kopp, Sonia Paban, and Greg Sitz. You can also visit the Math, Physics, and Astronomy Advising Office in RLM 4.101, or contact them via email at

Recitation Courses — These classes are offered as companion classes to certain introductory Physics classes. Recitation courses provide students the chance to get better at what they are doing in class, and professors often choose to go into homework in greater detail.

Design Class for Sophomores and Juniors — The task is to come up with an experiment that can be put on a satellite that will be launched into space.

Free Pizza Lunches with Physics Faculty — Tell the faculty what’s giving you the most trouble, and find out how they handled it. Ask the most thought-provoking physics questions that will put them on the spot; otherwise, we’ll make you pay for the pizza! Three or four times per semester.

Learning Assistants — Capable Physics students help students working in groups to keep from getting stuck. We will have learning assistants for all lower-division courses.

Midnight Cram — All the coffee you can drink. All the doughnuts and beignets you can eat. And you get to find out what “beignets” are. Learning assistants and at least one professor will be on hand, because even when you’re cramming, a little context can never hurt. Twice a semester.

Research Open House — To be successful with your Physics degree, you need to participate in research. Research Open Houses are held so you can be aware of all of the research done in our department.

Free T-Shirt — Have we mentioned that every UT Physics major gets a free T-shirt?

Money, Money, Money — Also known as scholarships. Nearly 25% of upper-division Physics majors receive financial aid from the department. For more information, see the Application for Continuing Students.


For more information: Call (512) 471-8856, drop in at RLM 5.216, or email