This IGERT was in operation from Fall 2006 - Fall 2012. It is now closed. Thanks NSF!

Recent News

Congratulations to Trainee Micah Glaz, who won best poster at 2 international conferences. Glaz received the Best Poster Award at the International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials held in Singapore in July 2012. He also received the Journal of Materials Chemistry Poster Prize at the International Conference on Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals in Atlanta in July 2012. Glaz's poster, "Probing Organic Electronic Properties by Confocal Microscopy," describes his collaborative work with his advisor, Prof. David Vanden Bout (UT-Austin), along with Prof. Ananth Dodabalapur (UT-Austin) and Dr. Christopher Lombardo, a UT postdoctoral fellow.

Joint IGERT/CQS Seminar: "Atomic-scale spin-resolved studies of carbon based systems on ferromagnetic substrates: single molecular magnets and graphene" Speaker: Jens Brede University of Hamburg
Date and Location: 3:30, Thursday, April 26, RLM 7.104.

Congratulations to former IGERT trainee Alexander Khajetoorians who was awarded the international Gerhard Ertl Young Investigator Award, sponsored by the German Physical Society (DPG). The purpose of this award is to recognize one individual for his or her outstanding research in surface science. Alex was announced as a winner on March 29th at the DPG Spring Meeting in Berlin.

IGERT trainees are hosting a conference
"Collaborative Approaches to Nanoscience Research," May 21-23, 2012
Invited speakers include Peter Norlander, Jane Xan Alexander, Christy Landes, Jie Zheng, Stephan Link, Jason McNeill and Ray Baughman.

Joint IGERT/FNT Seminar: "Tunneling Spectroscopy of the Two-Dimensional Electron Systems with Extraordinary Resolution" Speaker: Raymond Ashoori, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Date and Location: Noon, Wednesday, April 4, FNT 1.104. This is a trainee hosted seminar

The IGERT faculty and trainees hosted the fifth annual Summer Nanoscience Academy on July 7-9, 2011.

IGERT hosted the 2010 Nano Night Poster Session. See the abstracts here.

Welcome to the final three trainees of the program: Karole Blythe, Dave Dillen and Julian Villarreal!

The IGERT faculty and trainees hosted the fourth annual Summer Nanoscience Academy on July 8-10, 2010.

The IGERT trainees hosted the 2010 Inter-IGERT Nanoscience and Professional Development Workshop, April 14-17, 2010. See the schedule here.

Welcome to our two newest IGERT Faculty Members: Assistant Professor Seth Bank, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor Edward Yu, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Assistant Professor Katherine A. (Kallie) Willets, Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Congratulations to IGERT Faculty Member Elaine Li, who has been selected as one of The Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). The PECASE is the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. government on outstanding scientists and engineers beginning their independent careers. Wow!

Journal Articles:  

"Atomic Arrangements in AuPt/Pt(100) and AuPd/Pd(100) Surface Alloys: A Monte Carlo Study Using First Principles-Based Cluster Expansions, " J. Adam Stephens and Gyeong S. Hwang;J. Phys. Chem. C, 2011, 115 (43), pp 21205-21210. [link]

"Discriminating Nanoparticle Dimers from Higher Order Aggregates through Wavelength-Dependent SERS Orientational Imaging, " Stranahan, S. M.; Titus, E. J.; Willets, K. A. ;ACS Nano, 2012, 6, 1806-1813. [link]

" SERS Orientational Imaging of Silver Nanoparticle Dimers," Stranahan, S. M.; Titus, E. J.; Willets, K. A; J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 2011, 2, 2711-2715. [link]

"Dopant characterization of fin field-effect transistor structures using scanning capacitance microscopy," A. A. Khajetoorians, J. Li, C. K. Shih, X.-D. Wang, D. Garcia-Gutierrez, M. Jose-Yacaman, D. Pham, H. Celio, and A. Diebold; J. Appl. Phys. 101, 034505 (2007) [link] 

"Resonantly driven coherent oscillations in a solid-state quantum emitter," E. B. Flagg, A. Muller, J. W. Robertson, S. Founta, D. G. Deppe, M. Xiao, W. Ma, G. J. Salamo and C. K. Shih; Nature Physics 5, 203 (2009) [link] 

"Direct Evidence of Interlevel Exciton Transitions Mediated by Single Phonons in a Semiconductor Quantum Dot Using Resonance Fluorescence Spectroscopy ," E. B. Flagg, J. W. Robertson, S. Founta, W. Ma, M. Xiao, G. J. Salamo, and C. K. Shih; Physical Review Letters 102, 097402 (2009) [link]