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Jonathan Ganc


I'm a postdoc at CP3-Origins, a center for particle physics and cosmology at the University of Southern Denmark. Very generally, my area of interest is early universe cosmology and quantum field theory in curved space.

Some of my research involves studying an early epoch in the universe's evolution called inflation, when the universe underwent nearly 100 doublings in size in the universe's first tiny fractions of a second. Believe it or not, we have considerable evidence regarding the events in the universe at this time, thanks to CMB probes such as COBE (winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics), WMAP, Planck, as well as a myriad array of other sources from astronomy. Inflation happened at a much higher energy than any particle collider could probe even in principle and is thus an alternative way of exploring particle physics.

I am, in fact, generally interested in the conditions in the early universe, since these involve conditions very different than what we see and allow us a window into unknown physics.

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Updated: 03/29/2014